Extension The Next 100 Years Using Emerging Communication Technologies to Deliver International Extension Programs


  • Pete Vergot III1, University of Florida/IFAS Extension
  • Heather Kent University of Florida/IFAS Extension
  • Lawrence Scott Jackson University of Florida/IFAS Extension


Since the beginning of Extension a century ago, Extension faculty have used the latest technology and research to meet clientele needs. Today, Extension Faculty have numerous tools at their fingertips to help them reach new audiences and save time. In fact, there are so many tools and the technology develops so rapidly that many faculty have a hard time identifying the best tools to meet their clientele needs and the Extension budget to deliver educational programming. To use technology successfully to deliver high-quality programming, Extension faculty need to be able to:
  • Identify which web based technology that can be utilized over multiple platforms within their budget
  • Develop a team to deliver distance programming and assign clear roles
  • Learn how to implement technology in an engaging and interactive way creating a positive online learning environment
  • Provide customer support for end users
  • Effectively market opportunities for clientele to engage and learn
University of Florida Extension faculty have utilized emerging communication technologies to integrate multiple interactive video delivery platforms and web based technology tools to provide Extension education programs for clientele and professional development for peers.




World Conference on Computers in Agriculture, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2014