AgroFE – Collaborative Environment and Building Learning Knowledge Base for Agro-Forestry Trainings

Miklós Herdon, Charles Burriel, János Tamás, László Várallyai, Péter Lengyel, János Pancsira


The aim of the AgroFE project is to play an important role in Agro-forestry trainings. Depending on the European countries, states or professional organizations and training actors try to reintroduce Agro forestry in the course of training and qualification in initial training and in adult education. The main objectives are to make a synthesis of needs and expectations, based on present the existing training actions and to set up a common framework; to build an innovative training system (contextualized, modularized trainings, use of ICT, professionals participation); to create a technical collaborative support for the implementation of the project with communication tools (information of partners and promotion) and for providing access to the resources and training services during and after the project (knowledge databank, interactive services). The system architecture is based on open source concept. Open source subsystems are the Search Engine (harvester), Digital Asses Management System (KDB), Content Management System for internet portal, Editorial Chain (workflow) Management, E-Learning platform. The user profiles (user groups) are Teachers, Professionals, Students, People with disabilities in professional situations, Knowledge feeders, Knowledge builders and aggregators. There are needs for handling many formats in the knowledge databank (Text in different file structures; Pictures or images; Audio and video files; Data and figures; Container format for exchange contents Pdf, html, Epub 3, etc. The Moodle system and videoconference servers (which can be used by videoconference equipment, user client software on desktop, notebook and smart-phone) is used for Collaborative working and learning environment. The Moodle (powerful, secure open source) learning and collaborative platform is used as project management and project assessments tools.

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