10 steps to an integrated ICT concept for the management of countries


  • Walter Mayer CEO & Consultant, PROGIS® GmbH,


During the last years new technologies occurred - some will help agriculture a lot. Main tasks to make them profitable for sustainable resource management is technology assessment based on detailed know how of a country’s situation and needs, further technology integration concepts including an ICT infrastructure that integrates next to Ministries or public bodies also large private entities within agriculture and forestry. Ortho-images or networks of weather-stations are part of the concept and must be access-able by WMS (Web Map Services) from all parties, if wished against an access fee. Beside technology and the ICT backbone one has to understand all stakeholders and correlations of the information flow within the agro-(forest-, environment- natural-risk-) -processes with all tasks. Business-models have to be set up integrating different stakeholders allowing IT-supported cooperation. Benefits must be identified and valuated to know financial commitment(s), guidance is recommended by local and international experts of all sectors.




World Conference on Computers in Agriculture, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2014