AireAr: a New Software for Sizing Aeration Fans


  • R. Bartosik
  • J. Rodriguez
  • D. de la Torre
  • L. Cardoso


The National Institute of Agricultural Technologies of Argentina (INTA) developed a new software, named AireAr, for sizing and selecting grain aeration fans. AireAr can be used for selecting aeration fans for corn, wheat, soybean, sunflower, canola, barley, oats and sorghum. The user can select two different storage structures, round bin or flat storage, and enter its dimensions as well as the grain depth. The user can also chose between flat bottom or conned bottom, and between leveled grain surface or grain peak. Based on this information the software computes the total grain volume and grain depth. AireAr takes into account the grain moisture content in order to adjust grain density. The user enters the desired specific airflow (0,1 m3min-1t-1 for maintenance aeration, 0,3-0,5 m3min-1t-1 for wet grain aeration and 1-2 m3min-1t-1 for in-bin drying) and the software computes the total airflow (m3min-1), the air resistance due to the grain using the Shedd´s equation (the resistance of the airflow distribution system is also considered), and the fan power. The user can select from a database a suitable commercial fan that would met the requirements predicted by the software (fan power, total resistance and total airflow). The fans are ordered in the database by power, type (axial or centrifugal) and manufacturer. Once a candidate fan is selected, the user can compare the performance of the selected fan (airflow-static pressure curve provided by the manufacturer) with the requirement of the system estimated by the software for different depths. The software provides charts and tables with the performance of the selected fan if it were installed in the user´s bin, so the user can compare the desired airflow rate with the airflow rate obtained with the selected fan for different grain depths. If the selected fan does not satisfy the desired airflow requirement, the user can select another fan from the database, or add a second fan in parallel or in series configuration. The user can select between Spanish or English language, and International or British unit system. The software is available on-line (, and registration and use is for free.






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