Biomass Supply chain Feasibility Study by Means of Web Application: Technical, Economic and Energetic Aspects


  • R. Berruto
  • P. Busato
  • P. Piccarolo
  • R. Bartosik


One of the main difficulties in the development of biomass supply chains is the lack of reliable and complete information, which is needed to carry out a correct analysis. In this context, it is very important to have a reference application in order to compare biomass production systems. With the aim to bridge this information gap has been implemented by DEIAFA a web application - - to investigate the biomass supply chains under the technical, economic and energetic aspects. Functionalities offered by this advanced application include the evaluation of field and logistic operations related to biomass cultivation, harvest and transport to the point of use. All procedures share a common database, ensuring their proper integration. Following the data insertion the user could compute its own crop cultivation costs and margins both on the economic and energetic point of view. The tool was used in combination with discrete event simulation model to assess in detail the logistic operation costs of biomass supply chain. EnergyFarm® represents the first step toward the standardization of data and calculation procedures. In the future it will be possible to foresee also in the same application the computing of the results with different standards (ASAE, EU, etc.). The interface to the application is provided in English and Italian languages.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems