UV-C Radiation Effect on the Mortality of Fruit Fly Eggs

S. M. Vieira, P. Gomez, B. C. Benedetti, F. Artès


The current work evaluate death kinetics of Ceratitis capitata eggs immersed in water and subjected to different doses of UV-C radiation: 0 (Control); 0.087; 0.261; 0.348; 0.461; 0.692; 0.922; 1.384; 4.152; 5.534 and 8.302 kJ m-2. After treatments, eggs placed in Petri dishes were incubated at 25ºC under light/darkness or in complete darkness. One day after treatments, egg survival was microscopically evaluated. Doses of 1.384 kJm-2 UV-C or higher led to 100% death of C. capitata eggs incubated in a light/darkness cycle.

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