Instrumental Opportunities of X-ray Computed Tomography on Soil Compaction Characterization to Sustainability in Agricultural Systems


  • F. Scannavino Junior
  • P. Cruvinel


The technologies of precision agriculture have allowed collecting information with better fidelity from soil properties. In this modality of management, it takes into account the segmentation of a given agricultural area in a number of small cells and the use of inputs is performed with variable rates, leading to a low impact on soil natural resources, mainly because only the local needs are considered. This management technique leads to better sustainability in the use of agricultural soils. In this context of interest for precision farming, it is found the use of X-ray computed tomography that has been useful, since the first work published in 1982. This paper discusses the different modalities of X-ray tomography instruments and opportunities for the establishment of direct use on the field that allow the mapping of soil compaction, which has an important impact on both the movement of water and nutrients, and also on plants rooting.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems