Influence of Ethanol on Pineapple Kinetics Drying


  • A. Braga
  • M. Silva


With the purpose of verifying the influence of ethanol on drying kinetics of pineapple (Smooth Cayenne), drying experiments were performed in a lab scale tunnel dryer with a data acquisition system, which continuously monitors the sample weight and also controls the drying gas temperature. This tunnel allows changing the drying atmosphere by the addition of gases or liquids. For comparison, drying experiments were carried out at 60°C and air velocity of 0.84 m/s under normal air composition (without any ethanol addition), in atmosphere modified by ethanol (0.5% v/v) and normal air composition with the slice surface previously treated with ethanol. Comparing the results, it was evident the influence of ethanol on drying kinetics. Using ethanol in atmosphere or in pineapple surface, shorter drying times were achieved.






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