Research Activities related to Biomass Storage


  • L. Pari
  • V. Civitarese
  • A. Del Giudice


The power plants need to be continuously supplied throughout the year while SRF harvesting normally occurs from December to March. The natural drying seems to be the cheapest method to obtain a good quality chip characterized by low moisture value, necessary for the combustion. Although the moisture content reduction, there is a loss of a considerable quantity of dry matter, necessary for energy by combustion due to the microorganism actions during drying. During the winter 2008, CRA-ING conducted some experimental tests on the chip harvested, in order to learn about the natural dehydration in piles, to understand the physical-chemical dynamics inside the piles, to verify any losses. The first pile, (large size chip), was built close to Franco Alasia Vivai in Savigliano (in the province of Cuneo), whereas the second pile, (reduced size chip), was built close to the Biomass plant of Bando Argenta in the province of Ferrara. The results of this study show how high moisture and high temperatures represent the most favourable conditions for both dry matter losses and energy loss.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems