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Openings: Studies in Book Art is a journal of the College Book Art Association (CBAA). You can get involved with the operations of the journal in a variety of capacities.

Editorial Board
The Editorial Board is drawn from the CBAA membership and is appointed by the Executive Committee of the CBAA. Members interested in being considered for an Editorial Board position should begin by getting invloved with the Publications Committee.

The Editor-In-Chief is responsible for two jobs, acting both as the academic editor setting editorial policy and overseeing review decisions, as well as the managing editor, administering the editorial process and actually producing the journal. The Editor-in-Chief takes the lead in setting journal policies along with the editorial board.

Editorial Board
The Editorial Board works with the Editor-in-Chief to develop strategic goals, approves journal policies, and votes on whether or not to publish individual articles.  The board consists of 2 people that are members of the CBAA Board of Directors, and 3 or more non-Board members drawn from the community.

Appointments to the Editorial Board are made to maintain a balanced diversity of expertise and experience.  Membership should include diverse geographic distribution; both emerging and experienced scholars, educators, librarians, and artists; and representatives from allied fields (e.g., english, graphic arts, poetry, etc.)

Peer Reviewers
Openings follows a double-blind review process so author and reviewer remain anonymous to each other throughout the process. Peer Reviewers do not need to be members of the CBAA. The pool of Peer Reviewers should include a wide variety of backgrounds and interests so that reviewers can be matched to articles based on their field of expertise.

Peer Reviewers are asked provide detailed feedback on an article, including recommendation for or against publication, and commentary on any
significant lapses in the argument of the article or areas requiring revision.  These comments and recommendations are forwarded to the Editorial Board for final publication decisions.

Peer Reviewers will not be required to review more than a couple articles per year, if even that (this will vary depending on the number of types of article submissions each year).  Peer Reviewers are asked to return reviews in a timely fashion (within 3 weeks of receipt), but are given the option to decline to review if the timing does not work for them.

If you are interested in being considered to be added to our Peer Reviewer Database, please submit a short (1-2 paragraph) statement describing your qualifications and area(s) of expertise along with a CV to

Openings welcomes submissions from a diversity of authors interested in writing critical, historical, and theoretical articles, reviews, and interviews about book art and its pedagogy. Contributions from diverse perspectives are welcome as are interdisciplinary and international explorations of the relationship of book art to the broader art world and to related fields such as poetry, graphic design, printmaking, digital media, and other textual and/or visual disciplines.  Authors do not need to be members of CBAA to submit.