Imago Librariae

Sonja Svoljšak


The article analyzes a couple of book illustrations where images of libraries or complex allegories are used to depict a library collection development, a scientific method, a spiritual utopia, a book’s content or library owner’s scientific interests. The examples presented and analyzed are taken from “Einleitung in die Bücherkunde” (Denis, 1777–1778), “Catalogus bibliographicus librorum in Bibliotheca Caes. Reg. et equestris Academiae Theresianae” (Sartori, 1801), “Nouvelle bibliotheque des auteurs ecclesiastiques” (Dupin, 1690-1741), “Theatrum anonymorum and pseudonymorum” (Placius, 1708) and “Deliciae Cobresianae” (Cobres, 1782), which are a part of the Slovenian National and University Library Old Prints Collection.


Library; Symbolism; Allegory; Book Illustration

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