Vol. 2 No. 1 (2016)
Academic/Scholarly Articles

Framed By Thumbs: Reading Raymond Pettibon

Matt Runkle
Openings: Studies in Book Art

Published 2016-05-17


  • sequence,
  • single-panel cartoons,
  • punk,
  • fandom,
  • underground culture,
  • DIY culture,
  • appropriation,
  • comic books,
  • Capricious Missives,
  • Tripping Corpse,
  • Scott McCloud,
  • Understanding Comics,
  • closure,
  • Black Flag,
  • My War,
  • page spreads,
  • Keith Smith,
  • Structure of th
  • ...More


Although Raymond Pettibon started out publishing his drawings in zines, many are now better known as individual images, stripped of sequential context. While their original format influenced the images' reception, a thematic bookishness continues to haunt them as they appear in a variety of settings.