Openings: Studies in Book Art is now a rolling publication.


Openings: Studies in Book Art, the journal of the College Book Art Association (CBAA) publishes scholarly articles focusing on: academic research, book reviews, exhibition reviews, student perspectives and studio praxis associated with book art and artist books in all their forms, is adopting a rolling publishing model.

This switch to a rolling, or continuous, publication allows Openings to publish materials in a timely manner that allows scholars to disseminate content faster, increasing the likelihood for articles to have an influence beyond academia. 

Publishing individual articles, as soon as they have gone through their editing process, will allow Openings to always put forth fresh content, making it more likely for articles to show up in search results and attract more interest.

It also makes the submission of articles easier.  When you have an article ready that you would like to submit you can do it then and there and not have to wait for a particular window.

As a result, please submit your articles, books reviews, exhibition reviews, student perspectives, and studio praxis related articles to Openings.  This is your CBAA journal.  When you share your work and perspective you make it the journal you want it to be.