Call for Academic/Scholarly Papers


Openings: Studies in Book Art is committed to publishing current scholarly research on the artist book.  

Openings, as a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, is dedicated to scholarship on the book as medium, construct, work of art and more generally the arts of the book in all their interdisciplinary forms throughout the world.

Openings welcomes manuscripts based upon research and scholarly debate involving the artist book with a focus upon, but not exclusively limited to:

The history of the book, ancient to contemporary; interdisciplinary methodologies; topical debates considering the development of the artist book; studio praxis; history; art history; material culture; visual studies; museum studies; collecting; cultural history; multimedia; pop culture; public art; art activism; pedagogy; methodology; historiography; etc.

Works that reflect interdisciplinary and diverse perspectives are especially welcome.

Manuscript submissions must be between 3,000 and 6,000 words in length, with a maximum word count of 8,000 including endnotes, are accepted on a rolling basis.  Submissions of less than 3,000 words will not be accepted for double-blind peer-review.

Manuscripts are considered with the understanding that they have not been published previously in either print or electronic format.  A manuscript will be considered previously published if another work has, either singly or in combination: the same title; the same opening paragraph; 25 percent or more of the same content. Manuscripts that are accepted and subsequently found to be previously published will be dropped.

Submission and formatting requirements, along with further information about Openings, are can be found here:

Manuscripts must be formatted according to the Submission Preparation Checklist. Please consult the Author Guidelines for details:

Please note that membership in CBAA is not required to contribute to Openings; however, submissions that do not meet our requirements or fall outside the scope of the journal will not be considered.

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