Editorial Introduction

Mark Turner, Maria Fe Villamejor-Mendoza


The 2018 Asian Review of Public Administration interrogates some of the finer dimensions of governing and managing public affairs: from examining tax compliance of citizens to ensure more stable revenues for government projects, to risk-based regulation of higher education institutions, to linking social capital between citizens and government, and lastly, to learning public values for more quality delivery of public services.

Born out of the need for governments to be more financially able to provide the goods and services expected of their citizenry in this period of much uncertainty and complexities, the basic resource of government, e.g., taxes must be secured from the taxpayers and general public. Regulation must also be of the green light type–more facilitative than obstructive of better performance of those regulated.

Public values must be embraced by learning from what works and what impedes. Social capital must be maximized and bridging communication and collaboration between stakeholders in the public and general citizenry arenas has to be engendered.


public administration, governance, tax, regulation, fiscal administration, social capital, organizational studies

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