Vol 48 (2019)


The 48th Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Meeting and its co-located events took place in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Putrajaya, Malaysia from 22nd – 26th July 2019

Table of Contents

APAN Research Workshop

Proceedings of the 16th APAN Research Workshop 2019 PDF
Teck Chaw Ling, Yoshiaki Kasahara i - ii
The Advancement and the Future of SD WAN (Keynote Speech) PDF
Mark Verbloot 1
Evaluation of wide-area distributed services by SDN-FIT system PDF
Hiroki Kashiwazaki, Shinnosuke Miura, Hiroki Takakura, Shinji Shimojo 2 - 11
SDN-based Coordination for IoT-Cloud Connectivity employing Wired/Wireless Multi-Access SmartX Boxes PDF
Juseong Kim, Jun-Sik Shin, JongWon Kim 12 - 16
Implementation of BGP Security Modules in Hybrid-SDN network PDF
Kuang-Ting Cheng, Pang-Wei Tsai, Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Teck Chaw Ling, Shu-Wei Lee, Chu-Sing Yang 17 - 22
Relocatable Service Composition based on Microservice Architecture for Cloud-Native IoT-Cloud Services PDF
Seunghyung Lee, Jungsu Han, Jincheol Kwon, JongWon Kim 23 - 27
A Modified Deficit Weighted Round Robin traffic Scheduling Algorithm for GPON Networks PDF
Md. Hayder Ali, Mohammad Hanif Ali 28 - 32
Analyzing Cybersecurity-related Articles in Japan's English Language Online Newspapers PDF
Piyush Ghasiya, Koji Okamura 33 - 41
Meaningful Information Extraction from Unstructured Clinical Documents PDF
Asim Abbas, Muhammad Afzal, Jamil Hussain, Sungyoung Lee 42 - 47
Role of international tele-education with live surgery for pre-clinical medical students PDF
Taiki Moriyama, Ho-Seong Han, Kuriko Kudo, Yoshihiko Sadakari, Tomohiko Moriyama, Naoki Nakashima, Masafumi Nakamura, Shuji Shimizu 48 - 53
A journey from Cure to Care- Wellness management for healthy lifestyle: Diabetes management a case study PDF
Hafiz Syed Muhammad Bilal, Asad Masood Khattak, Sungyoung Lee 54 - 59

ISSN: 2227-3026