Vol 46 (2018)


The 46th Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Meeting and its co-located events took place in GRAND MILLENNIUM HOTEL, Auckland, New Zealand from 5TH – 9TH AUGUST 2018,

Table of Contents

APAN Research Workshop

Proceedings of the 15th APAN Research Workshop 2018 PDF
Teck Chaw Ling, Yoshiaki Kasahara i-iv
Intelligent Medical Platform for Clinical Decision Making PDF
Taqdir Ali, Sungyoung Lee, Jaehun Bang, Sun Moo Kang, Muhammad Bilal Amin 2-7
Multi-tenant Network Slicing Technique over OpenFlow-based MPLS Networks PDF
Xin Zhe Khooi, Chun Yong Chong, Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Teck Chaw Ling 8-13
Simulating Satellite Internet Performance on a Small Island PDF
Ulrich Speidel, Lei Qian 14-21
RAODV: An Entropy-based Congestion Control for the AODV Routing Protocol PDF
Xiaojie Liu, Ulrich Speidel, Wanqing Tu 27-31
Detecting Suspicious Behavior of SDN Switches by Statistics Gathering with Time PDF
Takahiro Shimizu, Naoya Kitagawa, Kohta Ohshima, Nariyoshi Yamai 32-39
Detecting Dynamic IP Addresses Using the Sequential Characteristics of PTR Records PDF
Tomofumi Nakamori, Daiki Chiba, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Shigeki Goto 40-49
A Convolutional Neural Network for Network Intrusion Detection System PDF
Leila Mohammadpour, Teck Chaw Ling, Chee Sun Liew, Chun Yong Chong 50-55
Detecting Homograph IDNs Using OCR PDF
Yuta Sawabe, Daiki Chiba, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Shigeki Goto 56-64

ISSN: 2227-3026