Vol 44 (2017)

Proceedings of the 44th Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network

The 44th Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Meeting and its co-located events took place in Dalian, China from August 27 to September 1, 2017. This is the fourth time for China to host the APAN meeting where previous meetings were in 2000, 2002 and 2007. Dalian is a coastal city located in the north eastern part of China. The conference venue is at Dalian International Finance Conference center, which is very famous for its natural landscape and good sightseeing. The hotel is tranquil, beautiful and surrounded by greenness.

Table of Contents

APAN Research Workshop

Proceedings of the 14th APAN Research Workshop 2017 PDF
Teck Chaw Ling, Yoshiaki Kasahara i -iii
Discriminating DRDoS Packets using Time Interval Analysis PDF
Daiki Noguchi, Tatsuya Mori, Yota Egusa, Kazuya Suzuki, Shigeki Goto 1 -7
Zero-day Malicious Email Behavior Investigation and Analysis PDF
Sanouphab Phomkeona, Koji Okamura, Kristan Edwards, Yoshitatus Ban 8 - 12
A Proof of Stake Sharding Protocol for Scalable Blockchains PDF
Yuefei Gao, Hajime Nobuhara 13 - 16
Identity Authentication and Data Access Authorization in Regional Education Informatization PDF
Qi Feng, FuKe Shen, ZhongLin Chen, YuHong Zhu 17 - 23
Prototyping Workload-based Resource Coordination for Cloud-leveraged HPC/BigData Cluster Sharing PDF
Namgon Lucas Kim, JongWon Kim 24 - 28
NAMD Benchmarking on Publicly Available Philippine Computational Resources PDF
Ronny Cheng, Ren Tristan dela Cruz, Francoise Neil Dacanay, Gil Claudio, Ricky Bendanillo Nellas 29 - 36
Comparison of Service Description and Composition for Complex 3-Tier Cloud-based Services PDF
Moonjoong Kang, JongWon Kim 37 - 40
Future projections of ship accessibility for the Arctic Ocean based on IPCC CO2 emission scenarios PDF
Jaiho Oh, Sinil Yang, Byong-Lyol Lee 41 - 47
Design and Development of the Reactive BGP peering in Software-Defined Routing Exchanges PDF
Hao-Ping Liu, Pang-Wei Tsai, Wu-Hsien Chang, Chu-Sing Yang 48 - 53
Experimental tests for outage analysis in SISO Li-Fi Indoor Communication Environment PDF
Atchutananda Surampudi, Sankalp Shirish Chapalgaonkar, Paventhan Arumugam 54 - 60
Zigbee Based Home Automation and Agricultural Monitoring System A mesh networking approach for autonomous and manual system control PDF
Rakesh Kumar Jha 61 - 69
Effective Evacuation Route Strategy during Natural Disaster PDF
K-zin Phyo, Myint Myint Sein 70 - 75

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