Current Status of Telemedicine Network in India and Future Perspective

Saroj Kanta Mishra, Indra Pratap Singh, Repu Daman Chand


India is a vast country with more than 1.15 billion population occupying an area
of 3 million sq km. It consists of 29 states and 6 Union Territories governed by a federal
system. There is no national health insurance policy for the country. Government supported
healthcare delivery follows a three tier system and is the primary responsibility of each
state. It has been observed that there is a great deal of disparity in quality and access to
healthcare between urban and rural regions. This can be bridged through telemedicine
technology if the tool is integrated into existing healthcare delivery system. Both
government and private sector have been actively participating in tele-health programmes.
India is starting to make strides in the fields of telemedicine and e-Health. The telemedicine
market has witnessed spectacular growth during the last two years mainly because of timely
convergence in the areas of Information technology, Communication & Healthcare along
with launching of central e-health schemes including telemedicine by the Ministry of
Health & Family Welfare.

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