Analyzing Cybersecurity-related Articles in Japan's English Language Online Newspapers

Piyush Ghasiya, Koji Okamura


Globalization has connected the nations of the world in a way never seen before. Happenings or events in one nation has the potential to impact other nations also. By collecting and analyzing cybersecurity-related articles from three major national newspapers of Japan, this research is trying to find out and understand Japan’s newspaper reporting on the cybersecurity issue. Content analysis of those cybersecurity-related articles is used to find critical themes and patterns. The content analysis found that the contention over 5G between the U.S. and China is the most critical issue in Japanese newspapers. From an international relations perspective, the issue between the U.S. and China over 5G is an adverse event represented in newspapers with words such as tussle, tech-war, and contention, but by performing sentiment analysis (content-based analysis) on the articles only related to Huawei, this research tried to find how machine categorize this issue. Then this research critically analyzed the whole 5G war between the U.S. and China and what is Japan’s perspective on it.

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