Relocatable Service Composition based on Microservice Architecture for Cloud-Native IoT-Cloud Services

Seunghyung Lee, Jungsu Han, Jincheol Kwon, JongWon Kim


With the development of the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the demand for services that utilize these infrastructure technologies is explosively increasing. In recent years, to develop and verify services quickly and efficiently, traditional monolithic service has evolved to a service composition that is based on a container-based microservice architecture (MSA). In particular, IoT-Cloud services that combine the internet of Things and the cloud are appropriate to make the functions based on cloud-native computing because it requires to connect with IoT, Cloud, and AI functions flexibly. In this paper, we design relocatable service composition to develop and compose intelligent IoT-Cloud service in the cloud-native computing environment based on IoT-Cloud pattern. In addition, to verify the feasibility of the proposed approach of service composition, we apply the specific IoT-Cloud service on multi-site playground to verify mobility and usefulness. We show the proposed approach can be proved that cloud-native based service is partially adaptable to the service environment and can be operated flexibly.

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