SDN-based Coordination for IoT-Cloud Connectivity employing Wired/Wireless Multi-Access SmartX Boxes

Juseong Kim, Jun-Sik Shin, JongWon Kim


Diversified Internet of Things (IoT) -related services typically require networking to the cloud/edge-cloud resources to process and store data from distributed IoT device boxes. In addition, various IoT-related services encourage leveraging different access networking, so IoT device boxes having multiple interfaces are becoming typical configuration. In order to efficiently provide IoT-cloud connectivity via multiple interfaces, multi-access networking is becoming a popular research keyword. And supporting reliable data transmission  of IoT data to the cloud is an important feature of multi-access networking. In this paper, to cope with the emerging multi-access networking, we propose SmartX miniBox and SDN-based coordination functionality. SmartX miniBox is a physical box designed to support multi-access networking with SDN-enabled wired interface and OVS-integrated WiFi interfaces. And SDN-based Coordination functionality coordinates SmartX miniBox and IoT device boxes in order to enhance reliability in data transmission. The coordination includes alternating access interfaces in IoT devices boxes and changing networking paths in multi-path wired topology when networking failures occur.

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