The Advancement and the Future of SD WAN (Keynote Speech)

Mark Verbloot


Wide Area Network technologies have evolved rapidly in the past few decades from low speed packet based protocols such as X.25 to large scale services such as MPLS that have been widely deployed by carriers as a service to enterprises looking for secure and reliable connectivity. Technologies such as MPLS however are complex, expensive and resource intensive to support. Recently there has emerged a new approach to secure branch connectivity that has taken advantage of the emergence of cloud and software defined orchestration. This is known as SD WAN or Software Defined WAN. This technology is quickly evolving with many new start up tech companies bringing new products to market in an attempt to disrupt the established secure WAN footprint. This session will walk through the evolution of WAN technologies and how SD WAN emerged. It will describe the strengths and weaknesses of this new approach. Finally there will be a short demonstration of the SD WAN solution from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to help the audience better understand how this technology is changing the WAN landscape.

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