Detecting Suspicious Behavior of SDN Switches by Statistics Gathering with Time

Takahiro Shimizu, Naoya Kitagawa, Kohta Ohshima, Nariyoshi Yamai


In Software Defined Network (SDN), the networks are vulnerable to attacks by compromised switches, since it often used programmable software switches are vulnerable than traditional hardware switches. Although several countermeasures against compromised switches have been proposed, the accuracy of detecting malicious behavior depends on the performance of network statistics gathering by a controller. In this paper, we propose an approach to verify the consistency of forwarding state using simultaneously network statistics gathering from the switch by accurate time scheduling. Our method enables to detect attacks by compromised switches without being influenced by the performance of statistics gathering by the controller. Our method utilizes moving average thus our method mitigates the effect on the verification accuracy from the impact of switches performance such as the error of scheduling. In addition, we implemented the proposed method with Mininet, and we confirmed that our method is able to verify without depending on the performance of statistic-gathering by the controller.

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