RAODV: An Entropy-based Congestion Control for the AODV Routing Protocol

Xiaojie Liu, Ulrich Speidel, Wanqing Tu


In networks, congestion causes packet loss and transmission delays. This paper presents a modified AODV routing protocol to detect and relieve congestion: R-AODV. We add an early congestion detection and avoidance mechanism to the route discovery process to achieve this purpose. In most previous congestion detection schemes, the affected node itself detects whether it is congested or not. The early detection and avoidance algorithm in this paper employs entropy estimation to determine the congestion status of a node’s neighbours and establish a less congested route by avoiding the congested nodes. Moreover, RAODV presents a multipath routing mechanism to support a backup route for the sender nodes. Finally, R-AODV provides a local replacement mechanism for route maintenance to improve the network performance.

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