Design and Development of the Reactive BGP peering in Software-Defined Routing Exchanges

Hao-Ping Liu, Pang-Wei Tsai, Wu-Hsien Chang, Chu-Sing Yang


The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is considered to be an improved solution for applying flexible control and operation recently in the network. Its characteristics include centralized management, global view, as well as fast adjustment and adaptation. Many experimental and research networks have already migrated to the SDN-enabled architecture. As the global network continues to grow in a fast pace, how to use SDN to improve the networking fields becomes a popular topic in research. One of the interesting topics is to enable routing exchanges among the SDN-enabled network and production networks. However, considering that many production networks are still operated on legacy architecture, the enabled SDN routing functionalities have to support hybrid mode in operation. In this paper, we propose a routing exchange mechanism by enabling reactive BGP peering actions among the SDN and legacy network components. The results of experiments show that our SDN controller is able to mask as an Autonomous System (AS) to exchange routing information with other BGP routers.

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