Effective Evacuation Route Strategy during Natural Disaster

K-zin Phyo, Myint Myint Sein


Nowadays, most of the countries around the world encounter affect of disasters. Disaster can occur anytime and anywhere, without giving any alarm or message. During the disaster, the rapid response and recovery activities are critical issues to save lives and properties. The effective response actions play vital role in the disaster situation because the large amount of properties and valuable lives are depending on it. But, the rescue teams and emergency organizations have many problems and delays to give the effective response to the victim areas. To reduce the risk and damage, identifying the best evacuation routes for the recuse teams is vital. The proposed system provides not only the recuse teams which locate near the victim area but also the best evacuation routes to move people from the hazard place to the safe places. This paper describes a web-based application for the best evacuation route assessment during natural disaster.

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