Experimental tests for outage analysis in SISO Li-Fi Indoor Communication Environment

Atchutananda Surampudi, Sankalp Shirish Chapalgaonkar, Paventhan Arumugam


Visible Light Communications, popularly known as Li-Fi for indoor communications is capable of providing internet access at high data rates. This technology utilises visible light waves as carriers for passband modulation, which can also be called as optical free space modulation on a static, linear time invariant optical wireless channel. For indoor applications, testing such a technology for coverage in both line of sight and non line of sight scenarios, becomes advantageous for efficient deployment. In this work, we have practically deployed a Single Input Single Output Li-Fi communication pair and have experimentally analysed the performance in terms of power received and outage distance for different colours and installation heights. These tests can be standardised for future works. 

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