Identity Authentication and Data Access Authorization in Regional Education Informatization

Qi Feng, FuKe Shen, ZhongLin Chen, YuHong Zhu


During the procedure of the Region-informatization, there are encountered different types of challenges. Playing the key roles in the construction mechanism, Governments, Universities, and enterprises are building their own information systems that are unable to be interoperable because of lacking interconnection standard. So these systems’ effective data-sharing mechanism poses to be a major point of concern. In this paper, from the top design of informatization eco-system, we are going to conduct discussion on the roles played by these participants in addition to the mechanism which these participants’ system is to interconnect, so that we could enhance the development of Region-informatization. We consider the Authentication System built in Shanghai Education as an illustration together with showing the process, design, implementation and the current situation comprehensively. The new approaches in this paper is to provide a fusion scheme of Oauth2 and Shibboleth, which combines the advantages of both. And in the maintenance on federation, provide some  methods and practices to improve service level

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