Performance of Quasi-Real-Time Paddy Field Monitoring Systems in Indonesia

Chusnul Arif, Budi Indra Setiawan, Masaru Mizoguchi, Satyanto Krido Saptomo, Sutoyo Sutoyo, Liyantono Liyantono, I Wayan Budiasa, Hisaaki Kato, Jumpei Kubota, Tetsu Ito


Since 2010 paddy field monitoring systems have been installed in ten locations in Indonesia. Each system performs quasi-real-time monitoring using a FieldRouter equipped with an in situ camera and connected to meteorological and soil data loggers. All parameters are measured and monitored at 30-min intervals. Data and field images are daily transmitted to a remote server through Internet connection. During experiments, field monitoring systems showed good performance in monitoring and transmitting field data. Quasi-real-time monitoring is more power-saving and Internet-cost-effective than real-time monitoring. However, its stability depends on the field solar power supply and Internet connection. If there are any problems with the Internet connection, power supply, or sensors, the field image and the data are lost. For minimizing problems in fields, it is best to involve local residents in maintaining the systems. We plan to develop an advanced data management system for analyzing the data with specific purposes bearing on climate change in the future works.

Keywords: monitoring system, paddy fields, system of rice intensification, FieldRouter, quasi real-time.

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