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Vol 85, No 2 (2019): Summer 10-year results of the Nesovic procedure combined with adductor release for groin pain in 33 competitive athletes. Abstract
Jan Peter Van Meirhaeghe, Alex Vanden Berghe, Rick Houben, Dirk Petré
Vol 82, No 4 (2016): winter (Pediatric) 360° fixation with modern instrumentations of segment separation cervical spine injury in a 23 –month-old Abstract
Viktor Zsolt Kovari
Vol 83, No 2 (2017): SUMMER 5 Year Patient Reported Outcomes and Survivorship of the Triathlon Total Knee Replacement: A Cohort Study Abstract
Vikki Wylde, Samantha Dixon, Laura Miller, Michael Whitehouse, Ashley Blom
Vol 80, No 4 (2014): Winter (Spine) A cervical “zero-profile” cage with integrated angle-stable fixation: 24-months results Abstract
Matti Scholz, Sebastiaan Schelfaut, Andreas Pingel, Philipp Schleicher, Frank Kandziora
Vol 86, No 1 (2020): SPRING A comparative study of four methods in treatment of pin tract infection in children supracondylar humerus fractures Abstract
Yun-Qiang Zhuang
Vol 81, No 1 (2015): Spring A comparative study of less invasive stabilization system and titanium elastic nailing for subtrochanteric femur fractures in older children Abstract
Liao-Jun Sun
Vol 83, No 2 (2017): SUMMER A comparative study of three approaches for the treatment of lumbosacral tuberculosis Abstract
Jin Wu, Zhenqi Ding, Liang Zhou, Hui Liu, Zhida Chen, Wenrong Zeng
Vol 85, No 3 (2019): Fall A Comparative Study of Three Different Surgical Methods Abstract
Sang Ki Lee, Yong Ho Kim, Su Min Kim, Won Sik Choy
Vol 82, No 4 (2016): winter (Pediatric) A comparison of ketamine sedation and general anaesthesia for manipulation of paediatric forearm fractures Abstract
Robert W Jordan, Alex Aquilina, Daniel J Westacott, Stephen J Cooke
Vol 84, No 4 (2018): Winter A comparison of outcomes of K-wire vs plate fixation for distal radial fractures with regard to patients’ quality of life Abstract
Andrzej Zyluk, Katarzyna Skala, Zbigniew Szlosser
Vol 84, No 2 (2018): SUMMER A comparison of the InterTan Nail and Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation in the Treatment of Reverse Intertrochanteric Femoral Fractures Abstract
Ahmet Imerci, cem yalın kılınc, mustafa nazım karalezli, umut canbek, ulas akgun, nevres hurriyet aydogan, kursad tosun
Vol 82, No 4 (2016): winter (Pediatric) A comparison of two minimally invasive procedures for intra-articular displaced calcaneal fractures in older children Abstract
di lu, Shao-Yu Zhu, Jie Yang, Hua Chen, Liao-Jun Sun
Vol 84, No 4 (2018): Winter A growing stake in orthopedic surgery and traumatology for the future management of obese patients Abstract
camille choufani
Vol 83, No 2 (2017): SUMMER A life-threatening situation due to a spider bite: A non-infectious necrotizing fasciitis. Abstract
Juan Miguel Rodríguez-Roiz, josé roberto ballesteros-betancourt, Victor Antonio Rodríguez-Roiz, Raquel García-Tarriño, Sebastián García Ramiro
Vol 82, No 4 (2016): winter (Pediatric) A meta-analysis of external fixation and flexible intramedullary nails for femoral fractures in children Abstract
Yong-tao Zhang
Vol 83, No 4 (2017): Winter A New 3D Reconstruction Method to Assess Anatomical Restoration in Vertebral Compression Fractures Abstract
David Cesar Noriega, Gianluca Maestretti, Thomas Mittlmeier, Paul Duffort, Peter-Jürgen Meeder, ANtonio Krüger
Vol 81, No 2 (2015): Summer A New Compression Design that Increases Proximal Locking Screw Bending Resistance in Femur Compression Nails Abstract
Ahmet Adnan Karaarslan
Vol 81, No 4 (2015): Winter (knee) A new score assessing the surgical wound of a TKA and its relation with pain, infection and functional outcomes. Abstract
Raúl Torres-Claramunt, Sergi Gil-González, Pedro Hinarejos, Joan Leal-Blanquet, Xavier Pelfort, Lluís Puig, Albert Ginés
Vol 82, No 2 (2016): summer A posteromedial approach for open reduction and internal fixation of posteromedial tibial plateau fracture Abstract
Yi-xing Huang, Xian-hong Yi, Jun Pan
Vol 86, No 1 (2020): SPRING A prospective randomized study comparing the direct anterior approach in the lateral decubitus position versus the standard posterolateral approach for total hip arthroplasty Abstract
Haoran Yu, Ziyu Li, Juehua Jing, Jian Tang, Qiliang Cao, Wendan Cheng
Vol 81, No 2 (2015): Summer A retrospective analysis of Osteochondroma of scapula following excision biopsy Abstract
Sreenivas T, Ravi Kumar N, Nataraj AR
Vol 82, No 3 (2016): fall A retrospective review of 345 patients with lumbar TDR in two years follow-up over 10 years of practice in one Belgian clinical center: Results. Abstract
Vol 84, No 4 (2018): Winter A systematic review of management of scapular fractures Abstract
Sudhir Kannan
Vol 83, No 4 (2017): Winter Achievement of Primary stability using 3D- CT guided custom design femoral stems in patients with proximal femoral deformity: EBRA-FCA analysis Abstract
Hazem Hosny, Sreebala Srinivasan, Matthew Hall, Jonathan Keenan, Helmy Fekry
Vol 82, No 2 (2016): summer Acromioclavicular joint cyst in ASA 3-4 patients. Whether and how quickly it recurs after aspiration and steroid injection Abstract
Stefano Gumina, Vittorio Candela, Daniele Passaretti
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