Extraordinary Sales Success: Examining Sales Superstars in an Unexpected Country


  • Jon M. Hawes University of Toledo
  • Xuerui Wang University of Toledo
  • Yinjia Wang University of Toledo
  • Yijing Pan University of Toledo


Sales, Success, Leadership, Biography, China


Success is elusive for some people who pursue sales careers. For a few privileged others, it is extreme. What is it about those few who achieve exceptional success that empowers them? This paper examines the sales careers of three sales superstars who have achieved extraordinary sales success in an unexpected place, China, where Western capitalism is not championed to the extent that it is in many other parts of the world. These three case studies combine to offer some insights that can lead others to higher levels of sales success. Characteristics common in all three cases examined here were found: exceedingly long hours of work each week; complete devotion to the job, the company, and/or the industry; very high levels of intelligence; willingness to take risks; and the ability to bounce back after setbacks.

Author Biographies

Jon M. Hawes, University of Toledo

Visiting Professor of Marketing

College of Business and Innovation


Xuerui Wang, University of Toledo


College of Business and Innovation

Yinjia Wang, University of Toledo


College of Business and Innovation

Yijing Pan, University of Toledo


University of Toledo


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