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American Muslim

Director: Adam Zucker
Publication Date: 2019
Language: English
Book webpage: https://www.videoproject.com/American-Muslim.html
Abstract: Five Muslim Americans, each once an immigrant and now a naturalized citizen, are forced to contend with a changing world in the Age of Trump. American Muslim chronicles five diverse Muslims in New York City, telling the stories of an Indonesian Imam in Jamaica, a Bengali small business owner in Ozone Park, a Yemeni activist in Ditmas Park, a Palestinian community organizer in Bay Ridge, and an Algerian mosque director in Sunset Park. Together they create a composite portrait of Muslim life today. Firmly committed to the U.S., they find their presence here questioned in ways never imagined, and each fights back against the Muslim Ban while continuing to explore a Muslim identity. Across the year and a half period from the President's Inauguration to the Supreme Court's decision on the Ban, Shamsi, Kobir, Debbie, Aber, and Mohamed navigate the constantly evolving reality of being an American Muslim.
Subject Keywords: Islamaphobia, Religion, American Studies, Islam, Muslims
Distributor: Video Project
Genre: Documentary
Format: DVD
Running Time: 82 minutes