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Disaster Upon Disaster

Subtitle: Exploring the Gap Between Knowledge, Policy and Practice
Editor: Susanna M. Hoffman
Editor: Roberto E. Barrios
Publication Date: 20191003
Language: English
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Abstract: A consistent problem that confronts disaster reduction is the disjunction between academic and expert knowledge and policies and practices of agencies mandated to deal with the concern. Although a great deal of knowledge has been acquired regarding many aspects of disasters, such as driving factors, risk construction, complexity of resettlement, and importance of peoples’ culture, very little has become protocol and procedure. Disaster Upon Disaster illuminates the numerous disjunctions between the suppositions, realities, agendas, and executions in the field, goes on to detail contingencies, predicaments, old and new plights, and finally advances solutions toward greatly improved outcomes.
Subject Keywords: illumination of disjunctions in field;disaster reduction;academic and expert knowledge;policies and practices of agencies;driving factors;risk construction;complexity of resettlement;importance of peoples culture;suppositions;realities;agendas;executions
Series: Catastrophes in Context
Series Number:
Volume: 2
Number of Volumes: 2
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Number of Pages: 354
ISBN: 9781789206487