Heartfelt Research


  • Eric Baptiste Independent Scholar


Perry Gilmore's "KISISI (OUR LANGUAGE): The Story of Colin and Sadiki", is a detailed investigation into the story of two boys who made their own language. The book also plays a role as a method of cathartic release for the author who had lost her son. KISISI (OUR LANGUAGE): The Story of Colin and Sadiki, explores the development of a language through a linguistic, sociolinguistic and anthropological perspective. Well the book does provide and interesting and detail description of the development of a language by two boys, it does little to forward linguistic theory. From a sociolinguistic or anthropological perspective, the detail provided in the book could be interesting to anthropological researchers who are investigating the development of pidgin languages in postcolonial societies. As a memoir of someone who has experienced loss, the book is quite enthralling. The relationship between the boys, Colin and Sadiki, and the devotion shown by the writer to her son is very moving.