Captain Kidd’s Lost Ship, The Wreck of the Quedagh Merchant


  • Russell Skowronek University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann is one of the rising stars in twenty first century underwater archaeology. In little more than a decade he has worked on submerged Pleistocene deposits in coastal Texas, conducted shipwreck surveys in Colombia, searched for Henry Morgan’s ships off Panama, and worked on Gold Rush era ship sites in California. Around these he also was involved in the discovery of the 200-year-old Monterrey deep water (4300 feet) wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico. In this same period, he has notched an enviable list of publications, reports, and film credits.

Author Biography

Russell Skowronek, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Russell K. Skowronek (Ph.D. Michigan State University) holds the Houston Endowment Chair for Civic Engagement and serves as the Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Diversity in the College of Liberal Arts and as professor of anthropology and history. His research interests lie in archaeology and ethnohistory of the Spanish Empire, maritime archaeology, Native Peoples of South Texas, and the American Civil War among other topics.  He has conducted research on prehistoric and historic, terrestrial and underwater sites in the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines.  

He has published two books on piracy through the University press of Florida.  They are titled, X Marks the Spot: The Archaeology of Piracy and Pieces of Eight, More Archaeology of Piracy.