The power of drugs: Implications from substance-use in ancient cultures


  • Tony Blomqvist Mickelsson Södertörn University


Ancient Psychoactive Substances is an endeavor in the history of what the contemporary society perceives and classifies as both illegal and legal mind-altering substances. Edited by Dr. Scott Fitzpatrick, this investigation and anthology draws from numerous sources in a cross-disciplinary manner, ranging from biomolecular analysis to interpretations of the substance-use itself and the social context it was consumed in. Not only does Ancient Psychoactive Substances give a fascinating historical account of the cultural settings of former substance-use, it also highlights the emergence of the research field in question. Specifically, central to the volume is the relationship between that of mind-altering substances and people. Ultimately, the practice of substance-use seems to transcend both cultures and time, with great implications for further research. 

Author Biography

Tony Blomqvist Mickelsson, Södertörn University

Tony Blomqvist Mickelsson is a PhD student in Social Work at Södertörn University. His dissertation revolves around immigration and the use of sport as a vehicle for social change in the Baltic Sea region. However, he has a wide array of scholarly interests. Coming from a MA in forensic psychology and a BA in criminology, deviant behavior and drug-use has been of great interest. Additionally, working as a research assistant in a psychophysiological lab early sparked interest in neurological processes.


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