How to Become Part of Anthropology


  • Stephanie Mojica Harvard University Extension School


Using Anthropology in the World: A Guide to Becoming an Anthropologist Practitioner by Riall W. Nolan (2017) offers aspiring anthropologists a thorough look at the discipline as well as essential core competencies. Unlike some career-oriented books, Nolan’s work does not end with the reader having successfully finished graduate school. He walks future anthropologists not only through getting their first job, but also the nuances of building a long-term career.

Author Biography

Stephanie Mojica, Harvard University Extension School

Stephanie Mojica is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Graduate Certificate in American Literature and Culture at Harvard University Extension School. During her first career as a print newspaper reporter, she interviewed former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Stephanie is currently Interim Editor of Student Anthropologist. Her research interests include the African Diaspora (especially Brazil); the anthropology, philosophy, and sociology of religion; the psychology of violence; and women’s studies. Stephanie will present some of her interdisciplinary research about religious-related violence in Brazil at five academic conferences this spring.